"Medicine through my eyes" (2013-2016)

"Medicine through my eyes" (2013-2016). A project about internal changes and self-discovery, which was filmed in the small Ukrainian town of Rozdilna (population as of 2015: 17,995 people) in 2013-2016. This is the story of my growing up. At that time, I had just graduated from the Medical University and had to work in a local hospital for 3 years. My life before working in it was far from realities and worries. It was my first experience in medicine and everything was so different from textbooks. Diseases and human suffering I had only seen in pictures, but here they surrounded me every day. It was necessary to help people, to make only the right decisions. I realized that every action has consequences for people's health.

In addition, I faced the problem of poverty: patients with money are treated in Odessa or other big cities. All those who do not have them turn to a small hospital like this "mine". Books could explain little. They only suggested how to properly provide help, to do everything correctly. But where could I get the necessary drugs for this? The hospital lacked them, and the patients sometimes did not have money even for simple bandages and aspirin. 

In the photographs, I tried to find solace ,to see something beautiful in the daily routine of  being a doctor. They provided me a rich food for reflection on life and profession.For example, never again in my life to work as a doctor.


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