"Abstract fight" (2020-)

They are not just street decorations. Behind these, at first glance, simply colorful geometric shapes, there are very disappointing statistics: according to the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, in 2019 there were only officially about 500 thousand drug addicts, of which 171.6 thousand are those who use drugs regularly.

Probably, there is no person who has not heard about "bookmarks" - the method of such sales of narcotic substances has gained wide popularity among sellers and buyers. Fences, signs, walls of offices and residential buildings, even in the centers of large cities, are simply painted with electronic addresses where you can buy any narcotic substances. Telegram channels are widely used for this. The police, guided by their own reasons, one of which is corruption, practically does not block these distribution channels. Communal workers, and more often just residents of "advertising houses" and interested enthusiasts, eliminate similar addresses of "drug stores" by crossing them out with paint.

The people who draw these figures are far from art, but the fruits of their work are very similar to the paintings of abstract artists. There is a struggle with the help of art. Art against drugs.


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