"Ultras" (2017-ongoing)

Ukrainian ultras appeared relatively recently - it is believed that in the 80s of the last century.

Sometime in 2017, I quite accidentally got into the environment of such die-hard fans of the Odessa football club "Chornomorets". I got into - and soon realized that they are - a certain phenomenon of the sports subculture, which deserves to be studied in the essential difference between the chaos of a crowd and a group of people who are passionate and motivated by a specific idea.I have been “researching” them for several years. 

I did not become an ideological supporter of ultras, rather a "Kuzmych" - a passive fan, but with a camera, who, above all, was looking for answers to the question of who these people are and where do they get such crazy energy from? 

I am infinitely grateful to the guys for the opportunity to see for themselves and show to others their world with its mandatory rules.

Among the main ones: attend all the club's matches, inspire players in every possible way to victory, value friendship, especially support players born in Odesa, do not use a pipe, do not drink alcoholic beverages, do not smoke on the stand.

I did not specifically choose one hero of the filming, because I was convinced: ultras is a community where the individuality of a specific person is erased.

 Cheering contains the very spirit of football, because fans give it their soul. Spectacular support of their team in all circumstances of the match simply mesmerized me as a photographer, and the clear work of the leaders and coordinated movements in the stands resembled thin strings, as if stretched between their hearts and the players on the lawn.


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